Gordon setter z Holubické stráně



gordon setter and jagd terrier kennel z Holubické stráně

Kennel z Holubické stráně was estabilished long before I was born and belonged to my dad Zbyněk Vašíček. Kennel name is derived from hill Holubice, which is part of Bradelsky hrbet and belongs to Usovska highland. There is wonderful view out of the Holubice hill at village, where my dad was born. When the sky is clear you can easily see rich plain of Haná and also Jeseníky mountains.

My dad had his very first dog - Jagd terrier - in 1969 and in 1973 the very first litter was born. Until 1995 only jagd terries were our focus, but in spring 1995 we came home with our first gordon setter female. Since that time new part of our kennel's story began. We still had brood bitches of jagd terriers and bred litters of both breeds. In 2005 kennel was resigned on my name and I turned my attention into improving our breeding of gordons, but my dad is still keeping both breeds.
Gordon setr a jagd teriér z Holubické stráně
Today in 2020 it is already 25 years ago since we brought home our very first gordon setter female Bessy z Podléskovičí. Our current females Beretta and Caren are 4th generation of kennel z Holubické stráně. Fifth generation - litters D2, E2 and also our laft litter F2 by Caren - was born as well. Out of the last litter we kept female Fixa and we hope she will give us our next generation in the future. Our breedings have nice results at shows and hunting tests and some of them became founder males and females of other kennels. It proves me that way we decided to follow while breeding dogs is the right one. It is the way where we keep on developing excellent natural hunting ability by training, prove them at hunting tests and use dogs in practice. All that while looking for health and upgrading exterior level. I keep in touch with owners of our puppies and a lot of them became lifetime friends.

Ing. Karolina Vybíralová

Gordon setter z Holubické stráně

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