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Today a Gordon Setter bitch Double Dream Loveset Tollers Cosa Nostra aka  Mafie or Maasha  was officially registered as a brood bitch :-) Our friend Olga Vranova imported her from Russia and I am deeply honoured that Mafia's puppies will carry affix "z Holubické stráně" one day. It is amazing to have such a wonderful friends.



The decision was made. A girl named Fixa stays at home. She was given to my son Tomas for his 8th birthday. He was over the moon.



27.11.2019 in early morning hours Caren gave birth by C-section. There were 16 puppies alltogether, but several of them died only few hours after they were born. But 5 boys and 5 girls survived. Caren takes good care and pups are putting on weight.
Photos are being added HERE.



On Thursday 26th September me and Caren went for a long wedding trip to meet "Hitchcock" (Sherwin´s HANDSOME GUY). We arrived on Friday and within half an hour Caren was mated. Hitchcock is balanced male full of temperament, strong bone and height of 66 cm. He has rich coat even though his owner says it is a working quality coat, saturated mahagony tan on head with additional black on his feet. With Caren they liked each other a lot and also remating the next day went smoothly. Within 25 days we will know if our 1945km long trip was successful.



We are bringing quite a news after a short break! We are planning puppies by our Caren. The stud we have chosen for her is Sherwin´s Handsome Guy "Hitchkock" (male of german breeder Markus Schneider).
Photos and pedigree are at puppies site.


Only a few days after the show, we unexpectedly lost our Zira due to a bloat. We were not able to save her life even with all the help of our vets.
Zira, you will stay in my heart forever!


The first Saturday in May a traditional Club show of MSKAO was held in Slavkov u Brna. This year I enterd only our veteran girl Zira. She was shown after 3 years of break and looked very well in the ring. She won the veteran class and became also BOV. I am very proud of her!



Five of our breedings were presented at springs breeding check of hunting dogs in Olomouc - Elis, Ejla, Enjoy Victory, Ergo and Enrico. They all have complete dentition and height 62 - 66 cm.
Many thanks to their owners for their care and love they give to our black "sweethearts". ;-) Photos are here.


Our second anf for this year also last hunt in Albertovska pheasantry with Caren and Zira and also with Olinka and Zir, Zuzka and Kofi. Amazing winter day! Photos are here.


Finally I went to Albertovska pheasantry. We had the best winter weather - showing, a bit of frost and in the end also sun. Zira and Caren did great job and also Canon was on stand by. Check the photos here.


Recapitulation of last years successes of our breeding "Cipísek" -  Cedric z Holubické stráně (Zira z Holubické stáně x Lamborghini Black Ivy): TOP DOG CZ 2018 FCI group VII - 2nd place; OPEN SLOVAKIA DOG CUP 2018 FCI group VII - 3rd place; Junior Champion CZ, SK; Champion CZ, SK, PL, HU, HR, A; Grand Champion CZ, SK, HR; 5x BOS, 27x BOB, BIG5, BIG4, BOD, 3x working BIS, BIS3, 4xBIS.

Cipísek also passed ZV (TAN) hunting test and got his HD score 0/0, PRA(rcd4) clear, has complete dentition and he is also registered STUD male in MSKAO. This year his owner Jakub Doležal is going to train him for more hunting tests. Many thanks and congratulations for everything that Cipisek has managed so far!


The very first and last hunt of our association was again on St.Stephans day. I took Zira, Caren....and Canon. Both girst retrieved several hairs and pheasants. At the end of the hunt there were 27 hairs abd 55 pheasants. Check our photos at rajče.


The very first photos of puppies.
Many thanks to Zuzana Nedavaskova and Eliska Kubinova for their help!
Photos are HERE and some more also HERE.


Beretta gave birth to litter E2. She gave birth smoothly to 9 puppies - 5 girls and 4 boys.
Their birthweight was 440 - 570gr. Beretta is great mum!
The very first gallery at rajče. 


Today we went to Poland for mating with Billy. All went well without any complications, so I hope we can expect puppies - litter E z Holubické stráně - at the end of May. Click on the pregnancy calendar above to see what is going on inside our Beretta.

gordon setter puppies z Holubické stráně


Caren met the last condition for being registered as a brood bitch.
We plan to mate her in autumn 2018 or spring 2019.


Caren successfully passed autumn hunting tests in 1st merit.

7.10.2017 - IDS České Budějovice

Judge MVDr. Čestmír Šrámek
Caren z Holubické stráně - working cl. - Exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB
Cedric "Cipísek" z Holubické stráně - Exc.2 res.CAC, res.CACIB


All the gordon setter puppies from our litter D2 are at their new homes. I do hope they will grow up into healthy dogs and together with their owners do what they enjoy the most... We are looking forward to hear their news, to see photos and videos!


Finally we had a visitor patient enough to take photos of stacking.
Check it out: here.

7.5.2017 Club show MSKAO

I could nos miss traditional club show of Moravian silesian club of english pointing dogs in Slavkov. Again our three siblings met - Caren, Cruft and Cipísek. The most successful was Cipísek, who won Exc.1, CAC, Club winner and BOB under czech judge Hana Kunfalvi. In the final competition he also added BIS of working classes and 3rd BIS. Crufts got exc.2nd and Caren very good 1st.
Three of our pointer puppies were shown as well. Girls Amona and Airin were very good and boy Andy was exc.1st, CAC, Club winner and BOS under italian judge. Soon photos will be in our gallery.

11.4.2017 LITTER D WAS BORN!!!

Beretta gave birth on 11th April to lovely weight balanced litter of 11 puppies.
Photos of the litter as time goes by are here

19.3.2017 IDS Katowice

I took Caren to her very first polish show to Katowice. She got CWC in intermediate class a began her jurney towards polish champion. Hopefully we will finish it.


Pointer litter B was born!!!! Ajda gave birth to 7 puppies - 2 girls and 5 boys. All are black and white.


Today our Beretta was mated with Taransay Alexander "Alex". The mating went easy and I hope that by the end of Easter we will have little puppies :-)
In case you are intested in what stage should the puppies be, click on Prognancy calendar above.

January 2017

In the beginning of January pointer girl Ajda z Obědkovské doliny was mated with Dart z Helmu.
Hopefully we will have litter B of pointers in the beginning of March. Contact for reservation is +420 702 095 005.


December very briefly......
The very first weekend we were hunting with Zira in Medlov, also my dad and Beretta joined us. Photos are here.
On Sunday we went with Caren to show in Nitra, where she took CAC and she is now fully qualified for Slovak Champion. Photos again in gallery here.

During the following week we again went to Albertovec for two days! With Zira and also Olinka with Zir and of course Zuzka and Sanny and Kofilka. All our gordons did great job and we had a great time! Photos as usually in our extern gallery and here.

The last advent weekend we went to hunt with Caren in Slavkov u Brna. I was invited for a hunt, which was fabulous. Photos are here.


Long time awaited HD results of Caren are here and they are great - A/A! She is 4th puppy of Zira with HD free result as well as Beretta, Brix, Cipísek (Cedric). I am very happy of the results as well as their owners are!


Great news from Cipisek's owner!!! Hips x-ray result is HD free - A/A. In age of 14 months Cipisek fullfilled all conditions to become stud male, now the girls will have to wait until age of 18 months ;-)

26.8.2016 European dog show Bruxelles

Our kennel was represented by only one dog - Cipísek - Cedric z Holubické stráně. In competition of 5 other dogs he was awarded as EXCELLENT. Few days before the show, Cipisek and his owner were at traning camp organised by MSKAO and passed TAN exam at the end of it with great ratings allowing Cipisek to be registered as a stud male. It is hard to believe, that a puppy who was waiting for his owner until age of 6 months is now the most successful from the whole litter!!!!

photo by Zuzka Nedavašková

13.8.2016 Forest tests Dubicko

Beretta z Holubické successfully passed forest test in 2nd merit with 196 points with my dad Mr. Zbyněk Vašíček. Huge congratulations and respect! Photos here.


Post from Belgium.... Zira is now officialy C.I.B.!
Within 5 years she bacme JCH CZ, JCH SK, CH CZ, Grand CH CZ, CH SK, CH PL, C.I.E and C.I.B.

6.-7.2.2016 DUO CACIB Brno

The very first international show in this year is DUO CACIB Brno. This time gordon setters were judged by abroad judges - Alenka Pokorn and Judviga Kolnkiel. On Saturday our "Cipísek" - Cedrik had his show premiere. He is growing into very nice male and deservedly got very promissing 1st. Also our Caren was shown and got Very promising 1st both days. Also Agata Witkowska came to Brno so I could again after few months admire the beauty of our litter's sire - Blues - Lamborghini Black Ivy. Photos from Saturday here and from Sunday here.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

9.1.2016 National dog show Brno

Caren's show premier was in Brno. In puppy class we met Jiřinka and her Elza z Dvorku Čamourku. Elza shown herself very well and deserved to be Very promissing 1st and Caren Very promissing 2nd. We have a lot to learn and my big thanks belongs to handlers Katka and Jitka, who have shown me it is "possible" to show Caren ;-)

gordon setter z Holubické stráně


Today our C puppies are half year old.
Good health and a lot of joy with your owners!
Caren is growing up into young beautiful lady and her show premier is coming next week...so we are training ;-)

gordon setter z Holubické stráně


Traditional hunt on day of St.Stephan ...for the very first time I took "little" Caren. She took many "new experiences" well and gladly helped Zira with searching, retrieveing and rest. We still have to train her obedience  :-)
Photos as always here.

gordon setter hunting


Although we have foggy weather in last few weeks, we made a trip to v Albertovska pheasantry. Zira and Beretta didn't made me ashamed and hopefully we will come back.... Photos again here.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně


Since today Cipísek (Cedric z Holubické stráně) has his new owner, home and four legged buddy! So we have no puppies available and we plan our next litter within year or two....

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

Together with Zira a Beretta we spent a great day in pheasantry Albertovec. Girls were searching and retrieving and I had a fun time with my camera... photos here.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně


Time flies...."C" puppies are five weeks old. Caren and Cedric  "Cipísek" have all teeth and I hope all of their brothers and sisters will have as well. They develop nicely and have great characters. .

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

gordon setter z Holubické stráně


For the very first hunt of our hunters association I went with my dad and Zira. Beretta was in season and had to stay at home. A lot of hunters came and we had a nice weather. Photos are here

gordon setter z Holubické stráně


First hunt in pheasantry of this season....together with Zira, Olča and Zir and also Zuzka and Koffi. We enjoyed it as much as dogs did, the weather was nice and we are already looking forward for the next hunt.
Photos and two videos are here.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

7.10.2015 Beretta

Since today Beretta is registered as brood bitch! We plan her mating first in spring 2017, but we are already very happy, as now Bery can continue our line: Bessy z Podléskovičí - Kora z Holubické stráně - Quina z Holubické stráně - Zira z Holubické stráně - Beretta.......hopefully our tradition will go on ;-)

3.-4.10.2015 MKP

77th Karel Podhajský Memorial was organised in area near Olomouc. Of course I couldn't miss this event and enjoyed it from the first till the last day. The winner was Ing. Jaroslav Novotný with Bohemian wirehaired pointer Faty z Lovčických tarasů. Saturdays photos are here and Sundays here.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

19.9.2015 Autumn tests Grygov

Autumn tests in our area were organised in Grygov. 25 dogs were entered and among them also our Beretta z Holubické stráně with my dad. All went unexpectedly well. Beretta passed in 1st merit with 276 points and on 6th place among all. She also passed the limit evaluationa to become brood bitch!!

Photos in gallery.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

12.-13.9.2015 Clubs hunting all round tests

In area of Rakvice and Valtice allround tests of MSKAO were held. Nine dogs took a part and among them Zir z Holubické stráně with Olga Vránová. For both days I was fascinated with Zirs great work in field, water and forrest. The result was great - 1st merit, 480 points, CACT and The Best work in water.

Photos from both days are in gallery.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

6.9.2015 Puppies

Puppies are 9 weeks old and four boys are still available - Cedric, Corado, Cord a Cruft.
Photos in stackings are here.

5.- 6.9.2015 First duck hunt

We started hunting season at duck hunt in Šumvald. Zira was for the first time at duck hunt without Quina and did very well. That is why we were invited also for Sunday for duck searching. Photos are here.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

5.9.2015 EDS Oslo

Two czech females did not get unnoticed at european dog show in Oslo.
Sanče (Xsara z Holubické stráně, owned by Zuzka Nedavašková) became winner out of 27 dogs in working class, Best female - CACIB, Norwegian champion and also BOB. Her daughter Kofilka  (Caffé Racer Manon Lescaut) won Junior class and became European Junior Winner. It is a huge success of czech gordon setter breeding!!

gordon setter z Holubické stráně EDS Oslo 2015


New photos in stackings are here. Puppies are nearly 8 weeks old, they have their tattoo and microchip, got their fist vaccination shot and they are waiting for their new owners.

gordon setter puppies z Holubické stráně


First puppy - Canon - left to his new home. He will live near Strakonice with family which is very much into hunting and also with dog buddy - golden retriever. I wish you a lot of luck and many happy years together!!

gordon setr z Holubické stráně


New photos of our puppies in the garden here....

gordon setr z Holubické stráně


Today puppies met pheasant wing for the very first time. It was a wonderful experience to see and first occasion to prove their pointing talent and their unique characters. All were interested very much and you can see the photos here.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně


We are having a lot of visits in these days and one very special came today. My friend Zuzka took photos in stacking. Photos are here.

gordon setr z Holubické stráně


Puppies are growing very fast. Fours boys are still available. Photos are here.

gordon setter puppies z Holubické stráně


Today we took a photos of puppies stacking. They cooperated very well and you can see the result here. On the photo Carmen and Caren.

gordon setr z Holubické stráně


Finally first visits for puppies arrived. More photos in gallery.

gordon setr z Holubické stráně


Puppies are 4 weeks old now. We began their socialization with other members of the pack and also children. Photos again in gallery.

gordon setter puppies z Holubické stráně

25.-26.7.2015 Josef Lammera Memorial

Club hunting tests  - forrest and water works - were held in Valtice. Zir z Hlubické stráně took a part for the second time and finished in 1st merit with 324 points and 6th place in total!

25.7.2015 Forrest tests Nové Zámky

I wanted to take a part at the tests already last year with Zira. But plans changed and Zira has now puppies so I went to watch only. Nine dogs were presented and I watched a few of them. Photos are here.

Puppies are growing up very well, a big area is fenced in our barn, where they can exercise. They also learn to eat something else then mothers milk. Mush is everywhere so I am hiding away my camera:D


Puppies and Zira settled in very well outdoors. All got their very first deworming treatment and all have their collars. They are not little moles anymore but real dogs.
We also did "assisted" photo shooting - thanks a lot to Nedavaskova girls and Eliška! Photos again in gallery.

gordon setter puppies z Holubické stráně

18.7.2015 - big moving

All puppies have their eyes open and were moved ourdoors. Still in whelping box but soon they will need a lots of space. Even Zira is happier there and she is not separated from the rest of the pack. Beretta is very curious about her little brothers and sisters, but Zira will not let her go near them and she respects that. I can also take photos more often as there is more natural light.
More photos as usually in our gallery.

gordon setter puppies z Holubické stráně


12.7.2015 - Next photo shooting

Little gordons are 9 days old and gaining their weight...
From their birth weiht 290-510gr they got to 630-1030 gr. Zira is great mother, although we lost one of the boys. So now we have six boys and two girls. Photos are here.

gordon setr z Holubické stráně

One more great news today.... 5 years old Xsara z Holubické stráně passed water hunting tests today in 1st merit! Huge congratulations and thanks to her owner Zuzka for her time that she spends to train Xsara.


9.7.2015 - Pointers are 7 weeks old

Little pointers have 7 weeks of age. They were vaccinated and got their tattoo numbers and some of them are soon going to leave to their new homes. One girl and one boy are still available. Photo are at our gallery.

gordon setr z Holubické stráně

8.7.2015 - First photos of puppies

Zira is having reconvalescence time after her surgery, but she taking well care of her babies. The little moles have wonderful tan colour of fresh chestnut. Check out the photos from the very first days of their lifes here.

gordon setr z Holubické stráně

3.7.2015 - Litter C2 was born!!!!

On Friday 3rd July 2015 litter C2 was born. Unfortunately we had do a C-section and these are Zira's last puppies. Two girls and seven boys were born. Both girls are booked, boys are still available. .

gordon setr z Holubické stráně


27.6.2015 - Intercanis Brno

I went my friends and camera to Intercanis in Brno.
Zir was exc.1, CAC, CACIB, BOB and BIG III at his last show of this year, Xsara was Exc.1 in honour class. Photos can be found here.

gordon setr z Holubické stráně

19.6.2015 - English pointer puppies are 4 weeks old...

...their weight is 2300-3000g, the got their second deworking treatment and their claws wete clipped. They are marvelous, photo are at the gallery and video here.

gordon setr z Holubické stráně

13.6.2015 - Regional show Náměšť na Hané

I took a part at the show as an exhibitor of Beretta z Holubické stráně. She got excellent, class winner and regional winner by judge Luďek Müller. Zir z Holubické stráně took the same titles. Photos are here.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně


3.6.2015 - English pointer puppies are 13 days old

They grow up very fast. Eyes are opening, first dewirming treatment is done as well as the first photoshooting :-) Photos are to be found at gallery.

English pointer puppies

29.5.2015 - Pregnancy of Zira was confirmed!

In the beginning of July, around 7th, we are expecting puppies. Seriously interested owners are welcome to make a reservation for a puppy. This litter will be our 4th generation.

gordon setter puppies

23.5.2015 - First photos of little pointers

At rajče you can find first few shoots of pointer babies. Mam Ajda is taking very good care of them and all eight puppies are doing well.

21.5.2015 - Each day something ends and something new begins.....

Luisa z Holubické stráně "Bess" - our oldest breeding - went over the rainbow bridge. She was 13 years and 4 months old. Bessy had wonderful and long life in kennel Manon Lescaut. She will be remembered forever.

Exactly on the same day the very first litter of english pointers z Holubické stráně was born. Ajda z Obědkovské doliny, owned by our friend Radek Kyselý, gave birth to 6 girls and 2 boys. All have black and white colour. Interested buyers are welcome to contact owner by phone: +420 702 095 005.

english pointer z Holubické stráně


18.5.2015 - Another success during TAN(ZV)

Today another owner of our breeding passed TAN with his dog. 18 months old Brix passed the tests in 1st merit with 225 points and was num.3 in totall ranking!! So this year Acord, Armani, Beretta and Brix passed TAN tests and all in 1st merit! Huge congratulations to them and thanks to their owners for their attention and time you give them!!!

17.5.2015 - Club show SKPS

Traditionally show was held in Dunajský Klátov. Our kennel was reperented by Zir z Holubické stráně. He got CAC, Club winner and even BOB!! Congrats to his owner!

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

Photo by Jitka Svobodová

16.5.2015 - Saturday filled up with hunting tests

My dad handled a dog at TAN after long 11 years. Together with Beretta they made it in 1st merit and 214 points.
At another place but at the same time Iveta with Armani passed TAN in 1st merit and 211 points - congratulations to both of them and I wish you good luck in further training. Photos from TAN in Křelov are here.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

10.5.2015 - Great news from east Bohemia!

Acord z Holubické stráně (Quina z Holubické stráně x Hemingway Beauty of Gordon) made TAN in 1st merit and 225 points. Congratulations to his owner!

9.5.2015 - Club show MSKAO - judge Ludovica Salamon(IT)

males intermediate class - Brix z Holubické stráně - good
males open class - Brett z Holubické stráně - very good
males open class - Armani z Holubické stráně - good
males working class - Zir z Holubické stráně - Exc. 2 res.CAC
females intermediate class - Beretta z Holubické stráně - Exc.3
females honour class - Xsara z Holubické stráně - Exc.

Our youngsters have a lot of to learn about being in a show ring and my thanks belons to all owners, who decided to come to Slavkov!
Photos are again published here.

5.5. a 6.5.2015 - Zira was succesfully mated with Lamborghini Black Ivy.

We still gotta wait one month to check result and confirm her pregnancy. After that we all can look forward for another 4th generation of gordon setters z Holubické stráně, that should be born in the beginning of July.
Photos from our trip to Poland are here.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

16.4.2015 - litter A2 celebates their 2nd birthday!

All the best and good health to Astana, Ayka, Abercrombie, Acord, Armani, Aramis, Atos, Azul, Azur and Archie!

gordon setr z Holubické stráně
Astana at NDS in Ostrava - Exc.1 and CAC

13.4.2015 - Our jagd terrier Aya Senkov vrch celebrated her 11th birthday!

It seems almost unbelievable that during her life she met all of our gordon girls....Bessy z Podléskovičí, Kora, Leňa, Quina, Zira and Beretta z Holubické stráně - founder bitch of our kennel and her descendants - 4 generations! Ayaka is still in great shape and I think she will stay with us for few years more ... ;-)

11.4.2015 - National dog show in Ostrava

Berettka had her premier among adult females and among females she was the biggest.... unfortunately she was awarded as very good. Though it was great day with great people and amazing dogs.... Astana z Holubické stráně did very well - Exc.1 and CAC and also Xsara - Exc.2 and res.CAC. Photos again at our extern gallery rajče.

gordon setter z Holubické stráně

27.3.2015 - Today HD results of Brixie came! He is also HD A/A!!!!

I am really happy they are healthy!

26.3.2015 - Today we recieved HD results of Beretta.... A/A

So now all we can not affect - teeth and hips - are allright. Now he have to go through few shows and pass huntung tests!!! ;-)

gordon setter Beretta z Holubické stráně

22.3.2015 - We brough few quails

Few photos here.

gordon setter Quina z Holubické stráně

15.2.2015 - Life goes by...

I will be remembering beautiful sunday walk for long...photos here.

gordon setter Quina z Holubické stráně

13.2.2015 - Was really Friday 13th for me....

Quina z Holubické stráně went over the rainbow bridge.... outstanding female, with who I experienced a lot of wonderful things and met a lot of people who became friends for my whole life..... experienced successes at shows, huntings tests, memorials as handler and trainer ... braved for the first abroad mating.... Quina was a unique female for me, unfortunately our life together was short.... within a month she would have celebrated her 8th birthday.... Píďo, you will stay in my heart forever!!!!

gordon setter Quina z Holubické stráně

7.2.2015 - DUO CACIB Brno

I wanted to complete Czech Grand Champion with Zira and we did it! She also got CACIB and BOB, which I appreciate very much especially from judge Josef Jursa ;-) Photos of gordons can be found at rajče

gordon setter Zira z Holubické stráně

23.1.2015 - We said goodbye to hunting season in pheasantry

Aagin both girls went with me - Quina and Zira worked very well. Photos again at rajče.

gordon setter in pheasantry Albertovka

14.1.2015 - First time in Albertovka pheasantry in 2015.

I wasn't alone, my friend with our breedings Xawan and Acord came as well. This time I had only Zira with me. It was nice (more like spring) weather and we enjoyed that very much. Photos are here and video of pointing Zira, Kofi and Sanny is here

gordon setr bažantnice Albertovka

14.1.2015 - Today my the best litter "Z" celebrated 4th birthday!

It is the most numerous, most balanced, most successful and most beautiful litter...for me just THE BEST!!! Zira, Zara, Zula, Zafira, Zaira, Zeta, Zir, Zar, Zack, Zoom, Zero and Zeki I wish you health the most and I wish we (the owners) can be with you as long as possible!!!

gordon setter Z z Holubické stráně
Girls: Zula, Zira, Zara, Zafira, Zaira, Zeta
gordon setter Z z Holubické stráně
Boys: Zack, Zir, Zeki, Zoom, Zar, Zero

10.1.2015 - First show in new year....

With Zira I took a part at international show in Nitra. My wish was to get CACIB from slovak judge Jana Janekova and we made it!!! Zira got her 4th CACIB and so within few months we can send papers for C.I.E. ;-) Photogallery can be found here.
gordon setter Zira z Holubické stráně gordon setter Zir z Holubické stráně
During the same day Champion of Champions was held in Prague together with official announcement of Topdog 2014 competition. Winner of group VII and absolute winner of Topdog was our Zir z Holubické stráně!!!! Zir took a part at all national and international shows in our country and his victory was well deserved. Champion of Champions wasn't dissapointment either as Zir won the group! Huge thanks belongs to his owner Olga Vránová and handler Jitka Svobodová! Nice article in magazine Myslivost is written by Mrs.Vladimíra Tichá.

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